Why is my AC Not Working?

Why is my AC Not Working?

Avoid suffering with an ineffective air conditioner with a few simple maintenance checks.

On a sweltering summer day, you depend on your air conditioner to ensure the comfort and well-being of your family. If your air conditioner suddenly stops providing cool air, knowing a few possible solutions can help you avoid overheating in your own home. Air conditioners with more serious problems, however, will probably require professional expertise to fix.

Check the Settings

Power loss and a bored child are just two ways that your air conditioner’s settings can get changed without your knowledge. When your unit isn’t working as you expect, check the thermostat settings before trying other solutions. For example, if the power went out, your programs and settings may have been erased. You may need to tell your thermostat to switch back to cooling mode or adjust the temperature setting to get it to turn back on.

Replace the Filter

The filter in your air conditioner catches dust, pollen and other tiny debris in the air. A dirty filter in your air conditioner can make it difficult for your unit to push cool air throughout your home. If you haven’t changed your filter in months, it’s probably time to replace it with a new one. You can check the manufacturer’s guidelines to find out the ideal timing for filter replacements for your specific unit.

Clean the Area Near the Unit

The compressor, the main component of your air conditioner system, rests outside of your home and is constantly exposed to the elements. Leaves, twigs and other debris can pile around the unit, and plants may make a home next to the air conditioner. Head outside and perform a visual check of the area around your compressor. Clear the area immediately around the unit to help it run better.

When to Call for Expert Help

If you’ve tried some basic solutions to your air conditioner troubles with no success, it’s probably time to call for professional help. For example, your air conditioner uses refrigerant to keep your home cool. If your unit is leaking refrigerant or has a low supply, the system won’t work properly. This type of job should only be undertaken by a professional, not a homeowner. Air conditioner experts can also help with leaking ductwork, bad compressors and faulty fans.

A working air conditioner ensures that your home is a comfortable place to be, even on the hottest summer day. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your family comfortable, it’s time to call the experts. Allen Kelly and Company offers expert air conditioner repair and replacement services in the North Carolina Triangle area. Contact us today to get your system back in working condition.


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