The Importance of an HVAC Inspection

The Importance of an HVAC Inspection

Neglecting to inspect is an expensive gamble, especially when it comes to HVAC systems.

You rely on your HVAC system to maintain a healthy, comfortable living environment for your family. Along with heating and cooling, adequate ventilation keeps the indoor atmosphere fresh and helps eliminate such respiratory threats as mold, mildew and airborne pathogens, so you and your family can breathe freely. Given the importance of the HVAC system in a home you are thinking about buying, you should have a professional inspect it thoroughly prior to closing the deal.

Do We Really Need a Separate HVAC Inspection?

Neglecting to have a home completely inspected before signing on the dotted line is one of the top 10 most critical errors purchasers can make, according to Investopedia. Because heating, cooling and ventilation equipment are among the costliest yet most essential components of any household, you need a professional’s opinion on whether the existing equipment will see you through your first years in the home.

The Elements of an HVAC Inspection

During an HVAC inspection, your service professional will make sure the equipment motors are working properly and that all the electrical connections meet code requirements. The technician will also inspect the air conditioner compressor, the coil, the refrigerant level and the condenser drain to make sure it is not clogged.

If your ventilation system is compromised, your equipment has to work harder to heat and cool the home, using more energy and wearing out sooner. During a pre-purchase HVAC inspection, the service technician will affirm that the vents are correctly installed and functional. The tech will check that any exhaust from your equipment safely vents outdoors so that carbon monoxide does not linger in your living spaces.

If you have a forced-air HVAC system, the ductwork that directs warm or cool air throughout the home is very important to the efficiency of your system. Your technician will test the ducts to confirm air flows freely to each room in the house.

What To Do About Problems

If your pre-purchase HVAC inspection reveals minor problems, such as a dirty furnace filter, they do not need to be deal-breakers. If the repair is simple and inexpensive, you can pay for it yourself once you are in the home. However, if there is an equipment failure or other significant problem that will likely be expensive, you have several choices:

  • Ask the current owners to have the problem fixed.
  • Negotiate a deal in which you and the owners split the cost.
  • Walk away

Expert HVAC Help in North Carolina

If you are considering a home purchase in the North Carolina Triangle region, call Allen Kelly & Co. for a professional HVAC inspection. Our experienced service technicians will thoroughly check the HVAC equipment, ventilation and ductwork to make sure everything is in good working order. Contact us today.


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