Hottest and Coldest Temperatures in North Carolina History

Hottest and Coldest Temperatures in North Carolina History

Amazing temperature extremes of the last century

Although it generally has a moderately warm climate, North Carolina’s location allows it to experience a tremendous variety of temperatures. Thermometer readings have occasionally fallen well below zero or surpassed 100 degrees. Let’s take a look at the highest and lowest records.

North Carolina’s Coldest Day Ever

The Tar Heel State reported its most frigid weather in history during January 1985. Mount Mitchell’s temperature dropped to -34 F on the 21st. The equipment that produced this reading was located in the vicinity of the Yancey County mountain’s summit.

Raleigh also experienced rather chilly conditions on January 21. The local airport’s weather station reported that its thermometer reading had dropped to -9 F. Raleigh’s second-coldest temperature was -2 degrees; observers recorded it 86 years earlier. The city’s nighttime lows normally hover around 30 F in January, according to Intellicast.

North Carolina’s Hottest Day Ever

North Carolina residents encountered much different weather in August 1983. Fayetteville’s temperature soared to 110 F on the 21st. During the same month, the state suffered a persistent drought. Thermometer readings exceeded 100 F for multiple days in numerous locations.

Although Asheville’s high elevation normally protects it from extreme heat, the city became unusually hot on August 21. It set a record high temperature when thermometers hit 100 F. Meanwhile, some parts of South Carolina reached 105 to 108 degrees.

Raleigh’s Highest Reading

This centrally located city has reported the same record high temperature on three different occasions. The airport’s thermometer recently measured 105 degrees during an exceptionally hot day in June 2012. It did the same during August 2007 and July 1952.

The 2012 heat wave had a significant impact on the local population. For example, it caused significant damage to Interstate 440. The pavement started to rapidly deteriorate during rush hour. Police had to stop traffic from entering the area, and major road repairs became necessary.

The weather usually remains significantly cooler in Raleigh. Residents typically encounter the hottest conditions during July, when the average high reaches 89 F. Intellicast statistics reveal that the city often becomes nearly as hot in June and August.

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