Four Reasons You Should Have a Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

Four Reasons You Should Have a Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

Here’s a riddle: when is saving money not saving money? Answer: When you skip a maintenance plan for your heating and air conditioning systems.

“Saving” money by forgoing the cost of a maintenance plan may mean costly repairs and higher energy bills later. When these add up, you’ll see that the old cliché is true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are several reasons to take advantage of a heating and air conditioning maintenance plan, and we’ve outlined four of them below:

Why Take Advantage Of Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

  1. Avoiding expensive repairs
    What’s the best way to avoid expensive repairs? Not having to make them in the first place. Professional heating and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals know exactly what to look for to ensure your system is in prime condition. Maintenance plans provide reasonable rates for full inspections, which means technicians can spot a small problem before it blossoms into a larger one.
  2. Extending the life of your unit
    Depending upon the make and model of your unit, a good HVAC system can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. [link to earlier blog article: on do you need a new heating unit. This article is pending approval, I believe.] A quality system is a significant investment, so you want to ensure you get your money’s worth.
  3. Avoiding timely delays
    Did you know that during the hottest and coldest times of year, heating and air conditioning technicians may field up to 60 calls a day? If you’re unlucky enough to have your system break during these peak times, you could be waiting for a repair technician. In this summer, this means an inconvenient night in a sweltering house. In the winter, this could mean that you have to take your family to a local hotel. By taking a few simple precautions ahead of time, you dramatically decrease the chances that your system will be on the fritz when you need it most.
  4. Saving money
    Well-maintained systems are efficient systems, and efficient systems save money. After all, if your AC is clogged or your filters need to be replaced, your home isn’t getting what it needs. Often, your savings on energy bills will allow you to easily will easily recoup your investment in a preventative maintenance plan.


During A Maintenance Visit

What do technicians look for during a preventative maintenance visit? There are several things, and it may vary depending upon the age and repair history of your unit. In general, some of the items on their checklist include:

  • Evaluating and calibrating your thermostat
  • Checking units for cracks
  • Cleaning units, which may include checking condenser boils, ducts or burners
  • Inspecting air filters and cleaning them if necessary
  • Checking fuel pipes
  • Thoroughly examining all safety controls
  • Examining all blower components
  • Fixing any loose panels

Sometimes, if your HVAC unit does need repair, companies may offer a discount if you already have a preventative maintenance plan with them. The best time to ask about a preventative maintenance agreement is when you purchase the system or when you have it inspected. Be sure the technicians explain exactly what is checked, how often it will be checked, and the best time to have your unit evaluated. You’ll find that preventative maintenance packages are a simple, easy, and responsible way to save time, money and headaches.


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